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The Healing Agent: Turmeric Recipes for Wholeness, Health, & Healing eBook

This book contains all you need to know about turmeric, the superfood that is taking the health industry by storm. Everything you never knew about turmeric, and more importantly, curcumin, and all the life changing benefits that has doctors, researchers, and scientists hopeful for a natural solution to real problems. There have been over 3000 medical publications in the last 25 years on turmeric’s health benefits. We have taken all of this research and compiled it into this easy to understand eBook.

More importantly, we have included over 50 pages of turmeric recipes that you can easily prepare to start changing your life. Ranging from smoothies to curry, breakfast to dinner, experience new life by adding one simple ingredient into the things you eat!


Your search for the Best Thermos Travel Mug is OVER When you purchase a thermos for sale from us today, here's what you'll get... 
BPA free, eco-friendly thermos tumbler with large capacity (17 oz) that allows you to pour any of your favorite liquids & enjoy many cups throughout the whole day. The new heat proof technology keeps your favorite herbal detox tea steaming warm for hours. Highest quality, safe 18/8 stainless steel, durable build. 
  • KEEPS YOUR HOT COFFEE HOT:and YOUR DRINKS COLD for hours. Fill your Awesome thermos travel mug in the morning and use it for the rest of your day.
  • DOUBLE INSULATED:so don't worry about burning your hands PLUS no need for a plastic handle with our thermos travel mug.
  • GREAT GIFT FOR MEN AND WOMEN.:This cute flip top thermos is perfect for any traveler & adventurer. Use it inside & outdoor, in house and office, in your car.
  • FLIP-TOP LEAK PROOF LID:keeps your beverage safe inside even if you drop it.
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Total Squeeze

New product from Total Tea... Total Squeeze. It's a flexible, dishwasher-safe, tea bag squeezer that fits most Tea Bags. Get every drop out of your tea bags by compressing the liquid out of every tea bag!  No more dripping & unsightly messes.  Plus, it easily stores in your fridge for those who like to re-use teabags. This tea bag accessory is a unique gift idea!