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Chiroflex Questions

How can I improve absorption and results with Chiroflex?

What makes Chiroflex different from other curcumin supplements?

I have heard that curcumin has to have bioprene or piperine (black pepper) to be adequately absorbed. Why doesn't Chiroflex have black pepper?

Can I take Chiroflex while taking blood thinners?

A lot of turmeric (from which curcumin is derived) has been found to be contaminated with lead. Where is yours sourced from? Has it been tested?

Is Chiroflex habit-forming?

What is turmeric?

What does standardized to 95% curcuminoids mean?

What are curcuminoids?

What is the difference between a supplement in a capsule and a tablet?

Is the capsule made from animal gelatin?

Does this supplement contain allergens?

Is this supplement gluten-free?

Is this supplement synthetic or made from an actual plant?

How long are supplements potent?

How did you verify the safety and quality of this product?

Can you please let me know if Chiroflex is metabolized in the liver or kidneys and what is the half life?

Detox Tea Questions

Does Total Tea have caffeine?

How do I know Total Tea is working for me?

Can you drink Total Tea chilled or must it be hot/warm? Also, if it can be cold, can one make a larger quantity to be kept in the fridge like 4-5 days?

Does your company use bleached tea bags?

When will I notice results?

How often may I drink Total Tea?

How do I know I have the proper ratio of water to tea?

What is the Senna herb and .... is it safe?

What is Peristalsis and how can Total Tea help increase Peristalsis?

Is fungicide used to clean your product?

What is the colon and how is it cleansed?

Are the herbs in Total Tea safe for me?

Who formulated Total Tea?

Is there gluten in your Total Tea?

Important Notice

is Epichlorohydrin used in your teabag paper?

Pure Tea Questions

Where is the White Tea sourced?

Do you test for heavy metals as part of quality control?

Do you do any type of other quality control testing for its purity and are those test results available to the public?

Are there any quality control standards to the bag material and whether any heavy metal or impurities are in the tea bag?