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Detox Teas

Detox Teas

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Energy Tea - Mixed Berry

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Milk Thistle

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Natural Herbal Teas

Shop healthy herbal teas and cleansing detox teas at Total Tea. Providing high-quality natural herbal teas for over 15 years. 

Our natural herbal teas have been crafted with love to help detox and remove toxins from your body, reduce overall stress levels, and help you feel more energized too. These delicious detoxifying teas help support healthy digestion by easing bloating, constipation and other stomach woes. Featuring a delicious blend of ginger, Echinacea, cinnamon, peppermint, papaya, chamomile, and other beneficial herbs, our best selling detox tea supports both overall immune and digestive health and provides a delicious break from the fast pace of modern life.

Best Selling Detox Tea

The all-natural, gluten-free, and Kosher-certified herbs found in our best selling detox tea is ideal for individuals who follow many lifestyle diets. There are no artificial flavors, ingredients, or sweeteners to hamper your digestive system or add unnecessary calories to this delightful tea that helps detox your body. Our detox tea is considered one of the best weight loss, detox, and cleanse teas around because it does more than just fight constipation and bloating. Filled with beneficial, natural herbs, this detoxifying tea also helps support a healthy immune system. 

Recommended By More Than 1,200 Doctors

We've been making this wonderful detoxifying tea for more than 15 years, and we have many loyal customers who use this tea to detox and gentle colon cleansing as needed. Our gentle herbal colon cleanse tea is also stocked by more than 1,200 doctors and health professionals nationwide who recognize its excellent health benefits and applaud its safety profile. We take quality and purity seriously, and we're known for selling only the highest-quality teas and herbs available. 

The Perfect Blend of Health Benefits and Flavor

Whether you're looking for a tea that helps detox for weight loss or want to eliminate harmful toxins from your body, our natural herbal teas including our popular detox tea offer the perfect blend of healthy benefits and delicious flavor. It's an easy way to complement your diet and enhance your daily detox routine. We also offer delicious herbal energy tea so you can drink healthy herbal tea all day long.

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