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Find Total Tea Products Near You!

Did you know that you can purchase Total Tea products from a supplier or retail store near you? We have over 1200 Doctors and Chiropractors who have tried Total Tea and recommend it to their patients!

Where Can I Buy Total Tea?

No matter where you are in the United States, you can find a place to purchase Total Tea locally. In a pinch and need Total Tea today? Try our easy to use Store Locator above to find a retailer near you!

To use the Total Tea Store Locator, simply type in your location above, adjust the search radius, and click "search." Then you can find a retailer in your area. If your search yields no results, increase the search radius.

Detox Tea in Stores Near You

Additionally, many of our retailers carry samples of all of our products including our best-selling detox tea in stores near you and energy tea if you are interested in trying something new.

Our newest product, Chiroflex turmeric curcumin, is a hit with all of Chiropractors who have all fallen in love with the all natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory properties of this wonderful new supplement.

We advise calling ahead to make sure that the store has the product you are interested in stock. Many of our Chiropractors claim that they cannot keep their products on their shelves (as evidenced by so many of our reviews that you can read.) 

Total Tea Wholesale Pricing

Do you know a Chiropractor or Doctor who might like to carry our products? Have them call us at 888-439-0233 or email Additionally, if you are a small business owner with a brick and mortar store, you can call inquire about becoming a Total Tea re-seller. We can tell you all the benefits of carrying our products and some of the success our retailers have seen! 

Did you know? Did you know that Total Tea products cannot be purchased in Corporate stores? This is because we have given our re-sellers exclusive privileges to sell our products and their success would be threatened if we sold through larger stores. 

"What if I cannot find a location near me?"

If you can't find a location that offers Total Tea products near you, you can always purchase from our website. View our natural herbal teas for sale here. We have very fast turnaround times and you will receive anything you purchase within 2-5 business days. Additionally, we offer many of our products for sale through Amazon Prime, which is free 2 day shipping.

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