About Us

Who We Are

Total Tea cares about your health and well being. We are a family owned business located in Lubbock, TX, that believes in healthy families. We believe that a healthy life is a happy life. We sell natural energy teas and all natural supplements that actually work and make people's lives better. It is as simple as that.

Our Story

Total Tea was started by Chad Bostwick, our CEO. Chad has been an entrepreneur since he was 22. He learned at an early age that to get what you want, you have to help other people get what they want. Because of his passion for health and fitness, he connected with a neighbor who was a chiropractor that had developed an incredible body detox tea formula. He purchased the rights to the body detox tea and worked with a master herbalist make the formula even better, and taste great.

So he started with a great detox and cleanse tea and sold it to his friends and family, knowing that his product could actually help people. As Total Tea grew, he connected with over 1200 different chiropractors and doctors across the country and let them try his detox tea and natural energy tea. They believed in our body detox tea and natural energy tea and you can now find Total Tea products all across the country in various Dr.'s offices. Furthermore, Total Tea Gentle Detox is the number one selling Body Detox Tea on Amazon. Total Tea has grown to be successful and add supplements to our line of body detox tea and natural energy tea, but we are still about one thing: helping people be healthy.

In 2016, Chad's long time best friend was diagnosed with brain cancer. In a frantic effort, Chad began doing research on cancer. He was looking for homeopathic/holistic remedies to treat cancer.  Through his many connections in the health industry, he discovered a team of scientists in Oklahoma who had found a way to make curcumin bioavailable enough to actually unlock its true potential as an anti-inflammatory and healing agent.  Thus, ChiroFlex was born.  Chad's friend was ChiroFlex's very first customer (we gave it to him for free of course) and he has seen success with it. Below is a written testimony from his wife.

"My husband was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. After his diagnosis, he had a craniotomy and 2 shunts placed. His neuro oncologist put him on 4 mg of steroids to reduce/prevent inflammation in his brain. He began taking Chiroflex shortly after several failed attempts to wean him off steroids. Once on Chiroflex, we were able to wean him off of the steroids without complications. He currently takes Chiroflex daily to prevent inflammation in his brain. We are extremely grateful to have found a natural supplement that has produced the same results as the steroids, but without all of the negative side effects!"

More About Us

At Total Tea, your health matters most.  Our customer care team is friendly and every time you call you are sure that you are speaking to a real person who actually is more invested in your well-being than they are selling a product. 

All of the Total Tea supplements, detox teas, and natural energy teas are made in the USA. Our products are produced in labs that uphold the most rigorous safety and production standards. Our tea lab is a Level II SQF Certified Facility. Our products are safe and manufactured in facilities that has the consumer in mind.

There is nothing we love more than hearing positive feedback about our all natural energy tea, body detox tea, thermos tumblers, supplements, and more from our customers. Total Tea is a family owned company with strong relational values. At Total Tea, you're more than just a consumer, you're family. 


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