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These are our best selling items. We have been selling Total Tea Gentle Detox Tea for over 11 years. Our herbal detox teas and energy teas are carried, sold, and approved by over 1200 physicians and chiropractors nationwide. Our herbal tea cleanse has been the best selling Detox Tea on Amazon for years. It's plain and simple, we offer the highest quality detox and energy tea. We don't just sell items for the sake of making money, we sell them because they are truly proactive for health.

Gentle detox contains 11 essential herbs for detoxing the system and getting the junk out of the trunk. You can read any of the hundreds of detox tea reviews we have on our website about this incredible herbal tea cleanse. We have over 1100 reviews on Amazon as well. This herbal tea cleanse is great for starting and maintaining a diet. Many customers use it when they travel for a safe way to keep from getting constipated, not to mention that many times when people travel, they tend to eat unhealthy and need more help cleaning the toxins out of their system. 


Chiroflex is our newest product that is flying off the shelves unlike any other product we have ever sold. We are already selling more Chiroflex each month than our detox and energy tea because it's THAT GOOD. When we first started selling this turmeric curcumin supplement, we knew that it could help with pain and chronic inflammation. We had no clue that customers could benefit from such a large variety of symptoms.

Our customers are reporting things such as complete remission of seasonal allergies to Lupus symptoms completely disappearing after taking this turmeric curcumin supplement. It's absolutely flabbergasted us to see how Chiroflex has manifested itself as an all around incredible product for helping with such a wide variety of diseases. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

We have given it to friends and family members, as well as our children. Why? Because we only offer products we believe in. Chiroflex is restoring hope to people that a pain free life is possible. It has restored hope to those addicted to pain killers, or weary of addiction, that pain management is possible without all of the dangerous side effects.

Shop our herbal tea cleanses, energy teas, and turmeric curcumin supplements today!

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