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Katherine Tallmadge, who is a renowned physician, recommends drinking tea as part of an overall healthy lifestyle. She notes that herbal detox tea has less caffeine than coffee and that tea's flavonoids are good for reducing the risk of both cancer and heart disease. Unlike traditional teas, such as oolong, green, and black, herbal teas are steeped from fruits, seeds, and roots in addition to leafy herbs. 

The benefits of herbal tea are real even if any exaggerated claims are not. Hibiscus tea, for example, has been shown to reduce blood pressure in people whose blood pressure is moderately high. Rooibos tea's flavonoids have been shown to be marginally more effective at lowering cancer risk than other teas. Tea made from juniper berries acts as a diuretic and is useful in helping reduce the discomfort of edema. Our herbal detox teas are 100 percent natural and certified kosher. They contain zero gluten. 

We have more than 10 years' experience and would love to help you select just the right herbal detox tea for you. Even if you want to detox gently as part of a workout regimen, healthy food-related lifestyle change, or both, we can point you in the right direction. 

More than 1,200 doctors and other professionals in the field of health nationwide either sell our curcumin tablets, natural detox teas, and teas for energy, use them, or both. You can trust our curcumin tablet samples and detox tea samples to provide herbal energy, joint pain relief, and other benefits. To find out more about our curcumin tablet samples and detox tea samples, contact us at your earliest convenience.