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What Superfoods Should You Eat Everyday?

Posted by Morgan Cornell on

What Superfoods Should You Eat Everyday?
What superfoods should you eat every day?
Food is nutritious. Superfoods, however, are those types of foods that seem to not only have an overabundance of nutritious elements but also special chemicals that contribute to system defense as well as disease prevention and control. When a food juggles several nutrition balls at once, it is a super performer, otherwise known as a superfood.

Because superfoods play a multi-faceted role in your body's upkeep, it might seem like common sense to eat them every day. However, as obvious as this is, many people actually do not include these foods in their meals. Some people do not include them in their diets at all.

Regardless of how many people choose not to eat these foods, there are an equal number of health enthusiasts who include them in every meal. The result is that two camps exist. The first camp consists of people looking for an even greater array of healthy foods to eat. The other camp consists of people who want to be healthy but probably do not know how. This list takes care of both camps of people and also gives you some realistic pointers on some additional options to take when you cannot fit all this delicious food into a busy work or travel regimen.

1. Broccoli

Of all the superfoods, broccoli is one of the heavyweights. The amount of fiber it has makes it a welcome addition to your intestines, and although the anti-oxidants might not be as high as some citrus fruits, it offers you plenty to help prevent cell degradation. As a respected member of the cruciferous vegetables, it helps waylay cancer cells before they can take root within your body.

The benefits, however, extend from your gut and cellular health right to your heart. In fact, broccoli is one of the best foods you can eat to help protect your heart and help prevent hardening of the arteries. Because heart disease is a primary killer across the globe, broccoli should be a daily addition to your dinner plate because there is growing evidence that broccoli can also help reverse damage caused by the cement-like deposits that gather within your blood veins from having a poor diet.

You might think that the benefits this food provides would taper off. You would be wrong. In fact, growing evidence shows broccoli's ability to keep at bay the disturbing behavioral problems associated with age-related mental decline. By keeping your brain healthy, it helps reduce those so-called senior moments. Other benefits include the following.

- combats problems created by inflammatory diets containing dairy and beef
- helps detox after eating such things as hamburgers
- tastes great with olive oil, which brings out the flavor as well as certain nutritious chemicals

2. Spirulina

Much like quinoa, which was not a very popular food just 10 to 12 years ago, spirulina is now just gaining the attention it deserves as a superfood. If you have come to appreciate broccoli a little more than you once did, you will be amazed that spirulina is an even more powerful heavyweight when it comes to keeping your body operating at peak disease-fighting levels.

What is spirulina?

First, however, you might wonder what spirulina is. After all, you have probably never picked it off a tree or cultivated it in your garden beside your strawberries. As with some foods in the category of greens superfood, spirulina comes from the ocean. It is a type of healthy algae that is harvested from the waters. Specifically, it is a glob of what is known as cyanobacteria. Cyanobacteria is just a different way of saying it is blue in that cyan is blue. In short, it is a community or a growing collection of blue bacteria.

Over the past decades, as researchers began looking into alternative foods, they discovered that spirulina is probably the richest source of nutrition on the planet. That is correct. Move over broccoli--bacteria deserves a place on your plate.

Health benefits from this increasingly sought-after bacteria include the following.

- up to four grams of plant protein per serving
- densely packed with B vitamins
- densely packed with both copper and iron

In terms of amino acids, it comes with the essential ones. Depending whether you sprinkle it onto your salad or into a smoothie with a heaping or a level tablespoon, it only has approximately 20 or 25 calories.

Other benefits include the following

- rich in anti-oxidants to help cellular health and protect against cancer cells
- battles bad cholesterol.

Finally, one of the most intriguing benefits has to do with its medical properties, which is undergoing research. For instance, researchers have found in a study that people with oral cancerous lesions who consumed spirulina, over 45 percent of the people experienced complete remission of oral cancer. For the control group, spontaneous recovery was less than 10 percent, indicating spirulina offered active protection against the cancer.

Best way to eat spirulina

Bio-availability simply indicates how well your body absorbs a certain nutrient. Because spirulina is a type of bacteria, it enjoys a high bio-availability in the form of superfoods powder. Because spirulina might taste like the ocean, many people choose to get it in the form of powders or supplements, which helps eliminate the ocean taste. As such, you can take green superfood powder and add it to a smoothie.

3. Walnuts

Walnuts are another superfood that researchers have found helps battle inflammation. In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps increase the health of your heart and can work in tandem with foods like broccoli or spirulina to provide a complex and nutritious strategy to keep you healthy as you age.


First, they fight inflammation of the lungs and within your cells. They also help keep the heart pumping. In terms of digestion, they have lots of fiber to keep your so-called second brain digesting food and moving excrement from your system. Finally, as a part of your dinner plate, they are suspected to help prevent colon cancer.

4. Tea

Not every healthy type of food comes in the form of greens superfood or superfoods powder. Sometimes, the best foods are actually drinks, which is where tea comes in. Researchers have long established tea as a powerful ally in your efforts to live forever. In fact, it can help with such things as menstrual cramps or headaches.

Some varieties have different benefits. For instance, herbal teas help as a mild analgesic while also helping to relieve constipation. Green tea combats cellular inflammation, and researchers are discovering its role in fighting tumors in the breasts or colon. Finally, if you want to drink tea for breakfast and save your green superfood powder smoothie for lunch, you will note that black tea is high in caffeine, which can help you awaken.

5. Berries

Depending on your preference, you can enjoy fruit and vegetable powder in a delectable smoothie mixture, but if you add blueberries to it, you can get an added burst of flavor along with all the trademark health boosts that this berry provides.

- anti-oxidant
- helps protect neural pathways in the brain
- fiber for time-scheduled bowel movements
- high moisture content keeps you hydrated

One of the most surprising things this little berry does is DNA repair. Because cancerous cells often arise from damaged cells caused by degraded DNA, blueberries can help you remain healthy longer as sort of a dietary bandage.

Of course, it is not always possible to down a bowl of blueberries. As such, you might want to consider either a fruit and vegetable powder or a super greens powder that includes berry ingredients. Doing so can help prevent bloating, which can occur if you eat a bucket of actual berries.

6. Chlorella

Another powerhouse algae, which rivals spirulina is chlorella. Unlike spirulina, which grows in both saltwater or fresh-water environments, chlorella is found only within fresh water. As such, its taste is considered comparatively mild.

High in protein

More often, researchers are uncovering and promoting the benefits of plant protein as opposed to animal protein, such as beef. Instead of slathering your veins with grease from a burger, you will be happy to discover that chlorella is comprised of 40 to 50 percent of protein. As such, it is a perfect mixture to add to post-exercise drinks because it can help heal the micro-tears in your muscles that help you get stronger.

Easily absorbed

Because chlorella also boasts high bio-availability, it is best to get it in the form of super greens powder from a reputable online retailer, such as Total Tea. Doing so will allow you to peruse all the different powders your health-starved body wants. From berry powders to teas, you can then mix and match your smoothie concoctions to meet your specific health or nutrition goals.

Other advantages chlorella has over other foods is that it is rich in fiber, and it has loads of omega 3s. In fact, you get over 100mg of your daily omega-3 with just four grams of chlorella.

As a final note, chlorella actually helps rid your body of toxins in that it binds with heavy metals found in fish from polluted waters. As you eat and expel chlorella, the chlorella takes the toxic metals with it.
It can be time consuming and expensive to ensure you incorporate all of these superfoods into your daily diet. Fruits and vegetables can add up and expire shortly if not properly maintained. Therefore, a superfoods drink mix is a cost effective and efficient way to guarantee you get all of your daily fruits and vegetables. If you don't know where to start, Chiroflex Superfoods green powder contains several things on our list and many necessary micronutrients as well. We enjoy this one for the great ingredients and taste! 

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