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Herbal Tea

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Established in 2005, Total Tea provides herbal detox tea and herbal energy tea that may boost energy, enhance focus, reduce inflammation, improve overall well-being and decrease oxidation. Many of our herbal teas for energy and focus contain numerous polyphenols, Camellia sinensis, various types of ginseng and cinnamon. Moreover, certain herbal teas for energy have Eleutherococcus senticosus, and this botanical could improve the immune system and may help the body to adapt to stress.


This herbal energy tea ingredient can cause the thyroid to produce extra thyroid hormones, which may improve short-term memory, increase motivation and enhance muscular endurance. After a customer exercises, the botanical is able to reduce soreness by lowering the individual's level of lactic acid. Furthermore, ginseng substantially stimulates the production of adenosine triphosphate. This enzyme can help the cells to produce energy and will allow the mitochondria to transport energy throughout the body.


Cinnamon may cause the body to convert extra glycogen into pure energy, and the natural compound eliminates some effects of inflammatory responses that can lessen energy and affect a person's mental focus. Consequently, the ingredient is able to decrease fat and to boost an individual's endurance and strength. Various analyses have also indicated that cinnamon can mitigate the symptoms of diabetes and may stimulate the activity of the pancreas. 

Green Tea

Camellia sinensis contains theanine, caffeine, vitamin C, saponins, folic acid and potassium. Our herbal tea for energy and focus also features numerous types of catechins, and these ingredients can improve the suppleness of the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and protect the muscles from oxidative stress. Moreover, the catechins may decrease soreness that has been precipitated by inflammation.

Yerba Mate 

Found in South America, this botanical features high levels of polyphenols, which are antioxidants that can lessen inflammation. The tea has at least 24 beneficial nutrients and 15 amino acids that may notably boost a person's levels of human growth hormone, stimulate the production of adenosine triphosphate and increase blood flow to the muscles. The herbal energy tea ingredient contains a substantial amount of caffeine, but unlike coffee, the botanical does not cause jitteriness. 

Reviews and Prices

Our company's natural herbal detox teas have been recommended by more than 1,200 trusted physicians, and many practitioners indicated that the herbal teas for energy can help a customer to lose weight and to improve memory. Additionally, the kosher products do not contain synthetic preservatives or gluten. 

You may purchase a package of detox and cleanse tea for $10 to $18, or you can select a case that contains 15 packages for $150 to $270. If you are a new client, you may also try samples of our herbal teas for detoxing, energy, and focus that have a price of $10.